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Mop Rope

Doğuş Fırça has adopted R & D studies as the basic principle of continuous improvement and renewal, offering the best quality with the most appropriate conditions, commercial morality and customer satisfaction.

Dimensions:                                                                           Parcel Number:
Mat Rope Small 17 cm 100 Pieces
Mop Rope Large 17 cm 100 Pieces
Mop Rope Small Extra 31 cm 100 Pieces
Mop Lanyard Large Extra 31cm 100 Pcs </ p>
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p> As Doğuş Fırça Sanayi, we produce our products with Petkim and Imported raw materials such as Orjianl PVC, Moblen, İ20. At the same time, natural and animal bristles in our production line, such as Tampik grass, Pig hair, Horse hair, such as using natural bristles for more effective results are predicted quality.
In the other hand production group of hand tools, the steel we use is German steel. Our raw materials are carefully selected from our machines, such as brush hair, brush chock, plastic handles such as auxiliary products are produced in our facilities.
All the products produced are packaged one by one, and the production date and post-check status are stamped on the carton and the security and quality is maintained on a high level. Produced products are sent to our warehouse and waits for dispatch time.

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Mop Lanyard Small 17cm Mop Lanyard Large 17cm Mop Lanyard Small Extra 31cmPaspas Lanyard Big Extra 31cm

Total box

100 Pieces100 Pieces100 Pieces100 Pieces