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Quality and Production Policy

Our company's rigorous quality understanding; With zero error, manufacturing, most favorable price, timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

As Doğuş Fırça Sanayi, we produce our products with Petkim and Imported raw materials such as Orjianl PVC, Moblen, İ20. At the same time, natural and animal bristles in our production line such as Tampik grass, Pig hair, Horse hairs, such as natural bristles using more effective results to predict quality.
In the other hand production group of hand tools, the steel we use is German steel. Our raw materials are carefully selected and our products are manufactured in our facilities by our machines such as brush bristle, brush chock and plastic handles.
All the products produced are packaged one by one, and the production date and post-check status are stamped on the carton and the security and quality is maintained on a high level. Produced products are sent to our warehouse and waits for dispatch time.

Our product quality, service quality for years ...

Doğuş Fırça Sanayi LTD. Has the mission of being a dynamic solution partner by creating value for the industry and its stakeholders by working on continuous development in the sector. Sti. as; To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, with a customer-focused management approach; We have set ourselves the goal of ensuring continuity in product and service quality.

Priority: Innovation

We aimed to support innovative and creative approaches and to increase the technical and behavioral competencies of our employees.

Goal: Continuity

We aim to provide and maintain trust based cooperation in our mutual benefit relations with our suppliers and subcontractors.

Environment and Health Policy

Environmental aspects and impacts of all production processes are kept under control and effective use of natural resources is taken into consideration.

– To comply with the legal requirements and international agreements in our country,

– Ensuring more effective participation of trained personnel who work in accordance with hygiene rules and who apply team work to product safety management system; developing the spirit of being a team,

– Minimizing the negative environmental impacts caused by our own activities, products and services, and preventing pollution,

– Ensuring proper disposal of waste collection,

– We will take measures in case of an accident or an emergency that may occur during our operations, and carry out risk analyzes and ensure continuity,

– We aim to be a pioneer and an example in our sector by continuously improving our integrated system by believing in the necessity of unconditional customer satisfaction with our trained staff,

– Throughout our entire production chain, we provide services that aim to create an effective communication with relevant communities at all stages from water supply to customer.