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As Doğuş Fırça Industry, To Be The Best Service Company In The Country.


Continuing R & D activities, we have adopted the principle of development and renewal, offering the best quality with the most suitable conditions, commercial morality and customer satisfaction as we have the right pride and joy to have a very important place in the sector with these principles.

Our Mİssion

As Doğuş Fırça, our mission is to ensure the safety of people in our industry, to provide high quality to the users and to guarantee the trust of customers by implementing the latest technologies.

  • As Doğuş Fırça Industry, we aim to combine our knowledge and experiences into a modern line and produce solutions that will answer one to the other according to the needs of our esteemed customers and the sector.
  • Being a leader in the industry and being a leader in high precision, high complexity, critical function products and solutions.

Our Vision

As Doğuş Fırça, we are moving towards our vision with the power given by our continuity and continuity.

  • To be a leading company that creates creative solutions with business partners, makes difference with technology and brands, respects the individual and the environment while playing a pioneer future in brush and activity fields.  ​ ​
  • To be the exporter and importer company at the highest level with our customer oriented approach in design and production by continuously improving our knowledge and experience.
  • To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with the concept of service from beginning to end, to make the quality and management system the first in the business of the company.

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